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Anupam Madhukar

         Nanostructure synthesis and structural, optical, and electrical examination; self-organized nanostructures for radiation detection and solar energy conversion; abiotic-biotic interfacial phenomena at the nanoscale; plasma membrane - quantum nanostructure composites for neuronal cell actuation; live cell imaging and spectroscopic studies of intracellular biochemical processes.


Hybrid nanostructures for solar energy conversion and biochemical detection applications

Quantum dot array grown via
molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

Functional abiotic nanosystems (FANs) for probing and actuating cellular processes




         The Madhukar Group (Nanostructure Materials and Devices Laboratory - NMDL) is internationally known for the spawning and development of the field of self-organized semiconductor nanostructures. We carry out multi-disciplinary research with a focus on examining phenomena in novel nanoscale structures and at the abiotic-biotic interface for applications in: computing and communication; conversion of solar photons to power; early detection of biological markers of disease or pathogens in the environment; suppression of immune response to neural prostheses; developing cellular level prostheses we call FANs (functional abiotic nanosystems) for probing and modifying cellular response; and real-time imaging and spectroscopic probing of intra-cellular biochemical processes in live cells under applied stress.

         Madhukar holds appointments in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, and Physics, and is a member of the Center for Neural Engineering (CNE) and the NSF sponsored Engineering Research Center on Biomimetic Microelectronic Systems (BMES). We are interested in dedicated students with sound grounding in any science and engineering undergraduate discipline and who also enjoy an intellectually challenging, communicative, interactive, and dynamic work environment.



Semiconductor - Metal Nanocrystal Heterojunction






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