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I. Single Photon Source for Quantum Information Processing

II. Self-Assembled Quantum Dots and Infrared Detectors __

III. Solar Energy Conversion using Novel Hybrid Nanostuctures

IV. Biophysics, Bioengineering, and Nanomedicine
____ -Imaging of Cellular Processes
 ____-Cellular Prostheses

V. Nanoparticle Manipulation on Surfaces

Single Photon Source for Quantum Information Processing

  1. J. Zhang, S. Chattaraj, Q. Huang, L. Jordao, S. Lu, and A. Madhukar, "On chip scalable highly pure and indistinguishable single photon sources in ordered arrays: Path to Quantum Optical Circuits." Science Advances, 8.35, eabn9252 (2020). [CLICK HERE]
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Self-Assembled Quantum Dots

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Quantum Dot Infrared Detectors

1. T. Asano, C. Hu, Y. Zhang, M. Liu, J.C. Campbell, and A. Madhukar, "Design Consideration and Demonstration of Resonant-Cavity-Enhanced Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors in Mid-Infrared Wavelength Regime (3-5 micron)." IEEE J. of Quantum Electronics, 46, 1484 (2010) [CLICK HERE]

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Solar Energy Conversion using Novel Hybrid Nanostuctures

1. Z. Lingley, S. Lu, and A. Madhukar "The dynamics of energy and charge transfer in lead sulfide quantum dot solids", Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 084302 (2014) [CLICK HERE]

2. Z. Lingley, K. Mahalingam, S. Lu, G. J. Brown and A. Madhukar "Nanocrystal - Semiconductor Interface: Atomic-Resolution Cross-Sectional Transmission Electron Microscope Study of Lead Sulfide Nanocrystal Quantum Dots on Crystalline Silicon", Nano Research, 7, 219-227 (2014). [CLICK HERE]

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Biophysics, Bioengineering, and Nanomedicine: Imaging of Intracellular Dynamics and Cellular Prostheses

1. S. Lu and A. Madhukar, “Inducing repetitive action potential firing in neurons via synthesized photoresponsive nanoscale cellular prostheses”, Nanomedicine Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, 9, 293-301(2013).[CLICK HERE]

2. J. K. Lee, S. Lu, and A. Madhukar, "Real-Time Dynamics of Ca2+, Caspase-3/7, and Morphological Changes in Retinal Ganglion Cell Apoptosis under Elevated Pressure." PLoS ONE, 5, e13437 (2010) [CLICK HERE]

3. S. Lu and A. Madhukar, "Cellular prostheses: functional abiotic nanosystems to proble, manipulate, and endow functions in live cells." Nanomedicine: Nanotechnoloty, Biology, and Medicine, 6, 409-418 (2010) [CLICK HERE]

4. Siyuan Lu, Anubhuti Bansal, Walid Soussou, Theodore W. Berger, and Anupam Madhukar, "Receptor-Ligand-Based Specific Cell Adhesion on Solid Surfaces: Hippocampal Neuronal Cells on Bilinker Functionalized Glass." Nano Letters, 6 , 1977 (2006) [CLICK HERE]


Nanoparticle Manipulation on Surfaces

1. S. Meltzer, R. Resch, B.E. Koel, M.E. Thompson, A. Madhukar, A.A.G. Requicha, and P. Will, "Fabrication of nanostructures by hydroxylamine seeding of gold nanoparticle templates." Langmuir 17, 1713 (2001) [CLICK HERE]

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3. T R Ramachandran, C Baur, A Bugacov, A Madhukar, B E Koel, A Requicha and C Gazen, "Direct and controlled manipulation of nanometer-sized particles using the non-contact atomic force microscope." Nanotechnology 9, 237 (1998) [CLICK HERE]


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