Nanostructure Materials & Devices Laboratory

1. Self-Assembed Semiconductor Nanostructures

  • Synthesis
  • Self-Organized Structure and Optical Response
  • Infra-Red Photo-Detectors

2. Nanocrystal Quantum Structures

  • Synthsis, Structure, Optical Response
  • Self and Directed Organization into Arrays
  • Biochemical Functionalization for cell Imaging

3. Hybrid Integrated Nanocrystal-Expitaxical Nanostructures for Advanced Function

  • Solar Energy Conversion
  • Synthesis, Structure, and Optical Response

4. Intra-Cellular Processes

  • Imaging Live Cells Under External Stress
  • Nanoscale Spatially-Resolved Imaging of Biomarkers

5. Neural Protheses

  • Macroscopic Implants and Cell-Adhesion
  • Cellular Protheses to Moderate/Endow Cell Function