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I. Specialized equipment for cell-culturing of different cell-lines


Equipment includes all instruments ranging from autoclaves for sterilization of glass-ware to safety hoods and incubators for manipulation and growth of cells, and low temperature freezers for storage.

Our bio-safety cabinet, from Nuaire, of class 10 quality with UV sterilization ability. The bio-safety cabinet provides the high sterile environment needed for working with environmentally sensitive biological samples and live cells. Manipulation of cells outside of incubators or protected environments is done in this hood to ensure isolation between the sample and the experimentalist.

The autoclave we use for sterilization of cell-culture lab ware and fluids utilizing super heated steam (~ 105°C to 135°C) at high temperature and high pressure. This piece of equipment is imperative for any cell culture work. Our autoclave (from Hirayama) with a capacity of up to 50 liters can sterilize solid substances such as glass, ceramics, metal or rubber etc. and also liquids such as water, reagents and various mediums etc. It is also used to liquefy different media.

Our range of incubators, which includes one bench top shaking incubator from VWR Scientific and one incubated and refrigerated floor shaker from Barnstead International. Temperature control in the range of ~ ambient - 15°C to 70°C is available. This provides physiological and sterile environments needed for cell growth in culture.



Our -80°C freezer that is especially useful for long term storage of cells and cell stock solutions, DNA and protein storage and also for various biological reagents that require such low temperatures to remain intact over long durations.



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