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2. Facilities for relevant biochemistry

Facilities include a state of the art glove box, shown left, with high environment control -- < 3-4 PPM of oxygen and water and a controlled argon/nitrogen atmosphere, large and small antechambers with high vacuum pumping and argon/nitrogen purging and a refrigerator cabinet inside for chemicals and reagents storage. This glove box from MBraun includes programmable purging options and has sensitive analyzers that maintain the high purity controlled environment.

Our fume-hood in which we perform various general chemical reactions where minimum personnel safety is required. It has 3 gas lines and faucets for different gas purging and vacuuming conveniences. We keep our hoods uncluttered at all times in line with maintaining our policy of clean and safe lab practices.


Our high purity genetic grade DI water purifying system from US Filter. This system can purify water upto 18 megaohm-cm resistiviy and has various in-built features that facilitate programmability ease of use. It consists of two units - the first incorporating reverse osmosis to distill water and the second utilizing UV irradiation for de-ionizing the distilled water from the first unit. Ability to set volumetric dispense, point of use water gun and temperature control are other conveniences that this unit provides.


Our -20 °C freezer and 4 °C refrigerator. These are very useful for storing various peptides, antibodies, fluorescent dyes, fixed cells, QD chemicals and other biological supplies. The 4 degree C refrigerator is a chromatography refrigerator. The -20 degree C has a temperature monitoring and recording system to ensure steady temperature control. Both systems are from Thermoelectric.

Our range of centrifuges. Speeds up to 10,000 rpm are achievable. Low temperature settings are also possible. Both systems are from Jouan under the CR3i and KR22i series.


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