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The MultiMode™ Scanning Probe Microscope from Digital Instrument: The unit is capable of imaging small (approx. 1.5cm dia.) samples using a series of interchangable scanners and is able to provide images from the atomic scale to 175µm in size. The MultiMode is so called because it offers multiple SPM modes, like AFM, STM, etc.(including in liquid cell environment).



    Hitachi S-4800 Scanning Electron Microscope


    The NSOM 100TM simultaneous AFM and NSOM (Near-Field scanning optical microscopy) imaging system from Nanonics.

This unit is capable of performing simultaneous topographical (AFM) and optical (near-field) imaging using a flat scanner that can provide a scan range up to ~ 50 microns in X, Y and up to 30 microns in the Z direction. Figure 1 shows the NSOM 100 mounted on a vibration isolation table.

The NSOM is based on the AFM technique with the scanning probe replaced by a cantilevered optical fiber probe with sub-wavelength apertures in the range of 50nm -500nm thus providing the capability to also excite/collect light in the near-field of the sample either in transmission or reflection mode. Optical resolutions of 25 nm and topographical resolution of 50nm can be achieved by this model. The system can perform both contact and tapping mode normal force AFM while simultaneously collecting or illuminating light in the near-field both in liquid cell and ambient environments. Figure 2 shows the NSOM mounted on a Zeiss optical microscope system with an Avalanche photo detector (APD) mounted on top for collecting the reflected (normal optical reflection or fluorescence) light off the sample.


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